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POJ Kids

POJ Kids has been a program under Power of JOy since the organization's beginning. However, it was started in 2017 as Hands Up Cleveland. Since becoming a program under Power of JOy, it has grown its volunteer base and has more opportunities for outings and exposure to new experiences. The purpose of POJ Kids is to provide  Saturday JOY EXPERIENCES for children from Cleveland's underserved neighborhoods. Kids are referred to us by word of mouth, and we work to build trust with the kids and families. Kids have consistent connection with caring POJ Coaches. Coaches and kids get to know each other and form a bond. We ask the greater community to share their joy with the kids by leading a Saturday session. In good weather we prioritize promoting the joy of the outdoors. And since becoming a Power of JOy program, we do Joy Action Projects with the kids to pass joy to others through service.

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